Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Item> some Magic Socks

ll Magic Socks must be worn in pairs and you also must have Magic Boots over them

socks of Indestructibility>  Makes the boots indestructible
socks of Animal Tracks> boots leave the track of one of the following, roll d6 to determan
1> deer
2> wolf
3> orc
4> dragon
6> roll twice

socks of the Mage> boot add 25% to all movement rates(fly etc)
fighting socks> gain d6 kick attack
cursed socks> disintigrants boots

Saturday, July 7, 2018

New Monster: Savage Turkey

The Savage Turkey looks exactly lge a novelty plastic chicken w/ claws. Big Ones. They are extremely aggressive, and will in fact pick a fight w/ anything. Wile most are ! HD , there are some as high as 4 HD..Each one gets 2 attacks as daggers and hit like a 5 HD monster, ac as chain -1. What is most interesting about them is that they are very easy for a mage to summon and are found in every environment but arctic.

New Monster: Paper Tiger

The paper Tiger is a paper golam. It has 2 HD,crits 3x better. AC 10, takes 200% damage from fire and gets no save vers this.. Hides amongst hieroglifs .

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Magic Eye Boogers(Item)


Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Item> Ten Animal Cloak

Tens (they are called are made by nature priests from the hides of (surprise) 10 dif animals and then infused with arcane power by a wizard. they provide the ability to cancel mind effecting spells aimed at the Tens owner. after 10 levels of spells are canceled, the cloak disintegrates

A cool pest> Dragon Duck


Tinker Blight A short world concept

On this plane, gnomes were not wierdos and fools, they advanced to a very high level of tech(about 1875) They depleted the resources of the the plane in their patchwork empire and the result was barren ash deserts everywhere. Elves and thier allies have retreated to the few remaining wilderness and protect them fiercely. Humans, hobbits and dwarves have formed a united front to keep civilization going and battle the remaining gnomes and elves to turn what little good land that is left to food production. "Magic Items" will often be of gnomish invention.