Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Tome of Rexxar

over on Dragonsfoot Forums, I am running a "Conan-y" solo chat game. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to post links here. The record is under "Campaign Journals" " The Tome of Rexxar" I am still KINDA looking for one more player 7 AM Wednesdays EST. The first game synopsis is up.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Crypts and Things :Luck Mechanic

C&T is an OD&D clone w/ really cool saves

You generate a Luck stat by rolling D6+6, you then roll 2d6 and if you get lower than your stat you make the test and subtract one from your current Luck. You can also use it for other cool stuff like doing max damage.

Sundered Worlds Sessions 4 &5

session 4 was typical Dungeon crawl but epic fights w Angler Fishoid and Gug(lovecrartian giant)

Session 5 had  The players fall down sliding stair trap and then falling into cesspool w/ barracuda,. After they killed barracuda, they were approached by seemingly friendly goblins( although one of the six attacked and was quikly put down) The goblins through sign language offered to clean party and had a shield "advertising" "Knocker's". They then encountered mystical bad Luck Black Cat and a near TPK ensued.  B+ game

Monday, June 13, 2016

I'm in LOVE!!!!!!!!

Crypts and Things is AMAZING OSR FUN!!!!! replacing Pathfinder in my game From D101 Games the 2nd ed is due out any day 5-% RE Howard/50% Lovecraft!!!! Best saving throw and sanity systems of ANY RPG!!!!!! Detailed review following the release of 2nd ed.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2016

An Old Dog CAN learn new tricks?

I haven't bought a modual in 35 ish years. The last one I used was I believe the Isle of Dread back in like 1982?.

I've always used homebrew adventures and been VERY sucsessful.

I just downloaded Petty Gods for free from RPG Now and it was amazing(for FREE I can't recommend it enuf!!!) It started me thinking. The state of the art in gaming online is so high these days that why arn't some of the canned adventures worthwhile. So I bought two.(both print) Am I getting old or have I learned a new trick? Only time will tell.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

OSR creature 5(?) Black Cat (boss fight)

Ok for session 5 Im planning a big boss fight with a mystical Black Cat. 18 ac 9 hp(as an effect it teleports away when missed. Great spell resistance.

It will purr and rub against them as traps appear wandering monsters attack them cave ins and spears fly out of nowhere

Really looking forward to this one!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sundered Worlds Session 4: The Feeling of Liberation!

Cleric, fighter Mu again
still under my 4 player min. but we had a blast with the OSR rules and dungeon. We all loved the lack of structure. The corny OSR encounters were refreshing. They still will not leave dungeon and go back to their 5th L Pathfinder char's. I might have to rethink EVERYTHING about campaign!

Monday, June 6, 2016

My first "DMing" session

I had created a wilderness game set in a post apoc world using Metagamings Melee(year might be wrong).
The players were barbarians roaming the wilderness seeking D  cell batteries, I'm not sure how much exposure I had from magazines on RPGs at this point. Only played 1 session.(I guess today is Nostalgia day!) Mostly they fought other barbarians and wolves, the most primitive of RPGs.

My First D&D Game

I had bought a couple of Dragon magazines and read a fair bit about D&D. I was 17 and had found a club that played wargames in a neighboring town.

We had been playing WW2 Minis but tonight was D&D There were like 4 married couples and 4 bachlors.
I was told to rpll up 3 charactres so I made a mini party Beowolf My morman cleric and his two wives, Bertha Battle Axe and a Thief. (I was later told that it was VERY weird that I had rolled up female characters, even the woman at the table played men!). The high lite of the adventure was a troll chasing a paladin w/ a holy sword and Bertha chasing after the troll around a huge column. Bertha got like twice as much experiance as any other of 20+pcs and eventually became my first second L char. I thought D&D was OK but I would have rather played WW2

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sundered Worlds Session 3 Into the Future

Our players
(all 1st L OSR)

They awoke in on of the dungeons bedrooms and met Sinister, they were allowed to ask 5 questions but since they were completely thrown by where they were and what they were, they didn't ask very good questions.

They explored the dungeon, first finding a goblin in prayer at a shrine to the PCs, they battled some anubaji and went directly to two treasure rooms and a "safe house" . much to my surprise they decided to stay and continue the dungeon foray next week........