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Great DMing link

Don't know whu it took me so long to get around to posting this.
Roleplaying Tips is the DMs best friend they are on over issue 700!!!!!!! DM Tips of every kind!!!
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Link to GREAT post over on Dragons Foot

Very well thought out contiplation of RPING in modern day, check it out!

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I'm running a Political/military PbP on Presposia

Just started adventures in "banditry" in Zimbabwe over on Presposia, just getting started if you wanna take a look(I'm tmao on that site) link is in comments below

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Blog News: Please pardon the coming Mess/many posts coming next couple of days!!!!!!!!

Ok for many reasons I'm going to back up my Crypts and Things creative work here. Many,many posts coming for next D3 days I'm not going to " +2" them, so a lot of you might not see them, Sorry about this but my other options are all bad and my google fu is weak so I don't think I can get them on to my G+ account. Pardon the MESS!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Crypts and Things review part 2- The setting in the rule book

Review part 2 A brief look at the setting provided by rule book

When I had the Beta version only to go by I was unimpressed, felt skimpy and lacking depth, but on closer inspection, the setting is a perfect representation of EXACTLY fitting the rules.

It is extremely distopian as you would expect from a game with out clerics, paladins and alignment(where all PCs get "back stab") Very little in way of bits of DECENT civilization exists.The characters can easily be anywhere on what would be the alignment scale, defending the last bits of hope or summoning the foul denizens of darker dimensions. as you know I'm not much of a guy for spoilers but I came away very satisfied that the Continent of Terror will be able to hold my and my players atentionts for the remaining years I have of gaming life. I run epic battles against Darkness and my over arching 10 year gaming plan will need a little adjustment but that will be far easier than writing up a whole new world. Actually you only need to add the continent to your existing world and the PCs will HAVE to come from it.

THE BAD The setting information is split into 3 different sections, 2 for the players and one for the Keeper. Extreme spoilers are in the Keepers section, you would have to rely on the players to NOT look at Keeper info. The information being spread into 3 diff places will make it a little hard to reference. The Keeper section is FILLED to the BRIM with GREAT adventure hooks and encounters, it has been designed as a sand box and will fill that role very well, it gives me plenty of room to ADD my own overarching EPIC plot.

For Over all usefulness and creativity , I give it an A-( I would have like to see a TINY bit more on "good" places, easy enough to add), but for organization the setting info gets a "D", It's going to be a little cumbersome in actual play

(there may or may not be a part 3, review of the contained adventures, which take up a lot of page count. I am NOT a fan of moduels, just a personal preference)

Some more Crypts and Things musings......

Been thinking about Luck and Sanity in actual play, thinking maybe static 10 for Luck and min 10 wisdom . Luck is kinda really important and a lower wisdom could be CRIPPLING with Sanity rules, as I'm not planning on switching for at LEAST four months(campaign has to EVOLVE) four months , I've got lot's of time to think about it.

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I can't get the DAMN thing to let me "+2" the STUPID thing!!!!!!!!!! sends out blank comment after blank comment.....and I wonder why I haven't been picking up any followers yet LOL #luddite

Preview of Sundered Worlds Recap 2

Ok planning on some sort of divine intervention on Monday. Laying out destiny of PCs and an out line of things to come in the following years. Join me as my thought process evolves on this through out(sorry you know by now my spelling fu is weak) today will be updating this post continuously if you want to wait come visit This on Monday

Link to my Crypts and Things stuff on Gaming Tavern

I think I might have posted this already but just in case link in comments below

Sanity stat in any D&D

I've looked for YEARS for a way to do this, I think Crypts and Things Remastered is THE way to go with this. Simple and Elegant. I could spoil it here but you peeps need to support D101 games, they are doing AWESOME stuff(although I am basing this solely on Remastered). C&T Sanity system I think will work well in actual play, we shall see.......

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cheating DM: Puzzles

I often create puzzles that I don't know the answer to. I drag it out until just a HINT of frustration sets in amd then BANG,next good idea from players is the answer!

So Remastered has caused me to re think Sundered Worlds/Stolen world.....

Ok Remastered's rules are VERY closely aligned with the provided setting. I've decided that I'm going to use the"canned" world instead of creating my own. I've got to CRAM setting into my plans, At least it's easier than making new world.

I'm 56 years old and have been playing D&D since I was 17, 90% of the time I have been the DM. I have never EVER used somebody else's setting before. Brand new territory for me!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Crypts and Things Review

OK ,do you like OSR Rules?
Are you prepared for a game without Clerics?
Still with me?
Then boy Oh boy do I have the game for You!
From D101 Games, written by Newt Newport
PDF is $13 from Drive through/Hard copies available directly from D101 Games
Powered by Swords and Wizardry (OD&D Clone)

You've got your standard 6 stats, with the addition of sanity and Luck

Sanity is very simple and elegant , covered by the wisdom stat

Luck is used for pretty much everything from spell saves to doing maximum damage in combat, again simple and elegant

The Game uses 4 core character classes, Barbarian, fighter,thief and sorcerers,
The balance between Barbarian, Fighter and Thief is a little iffy and I think most Keepers are going to want to fiddle w/ this, but only minor fix is necessary. Prob as simple as giving the fighter a few more "specializations" (Feats) but the thief is a little tougher fixer upper.You see EVERYBODY gets backstab (A part of the basic flavor of the game) and should not be changed. I think the fighters could have used a bit more spec's to pick from but this is an INCREDIBLY easy fix.
The sorcerer can cast white, grey or black magic. White and Black have different drawbacks , grey has none but is the weakest of the three, any sorcerer carrying his share of the adventuring load is going to want White(Cure spells, cleric y) and Black(fireballs n such) Very Very Very Nice!

A further bunch of character classes are closely tied to the setting provided
Beast Hybrid(Lycanthropy)
Disciple(monk like with white, black and grey subtypes)
Elementalist ( a more standard sort of caster than the sorcerer with it's own spell kist)
Lizard People
Serpent Noble( classic REH Serpent man)

Character creation is rounded out with many life events charts that help with RPING but are COMPLETELY tied to core setting

A brief version  of the setting is provided for players with an expanded section for Keepers

Large sections on Others(the demons of the setting and Serpent men and cool NPCs are followed by a very cool bestiary including many cool new creatures and some old favorites

The book has many many extras including a bunch of adventures(don't use canned adventures so didn't read them)
The art is nice and very flavorful, didn't notice ANY typo's or grammatical mistakes

I can sum it all up with the following sentence:
50%Conan/50% HPL , all OSR D&D, Tough to use without their world(which is pretty good)
Despite my problems here and there 5 out of 5 stars

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sundered Worlds play recap 1

The PCs go deeper into the swamp dimension looking for the rumored POWs.

They encounter an animal/vegetable/mineral giant , that the Stone bender hammers w/ stone shaping spells

They arrive at a huge stone building and encounter an ancient vampire killing 4 spellweavers outside it,the vampire turns on them and the fighter is very nearly killed. Circling the building they find the trapped door
The Stine mage disenchants the traps and 3 more vampires emerge, the stone mage then erects a barrier, giving the party a few moments to prep for fight. Que fight music.

Entering the chamber ,they hear muffled screams(non human) through the door. a very tuff right w a powerful goblin swarm ensues. The ranger nearly dies from a critical miss w an explosive crossbow bolt but the Mage does a quick save ,leaving the ranger at-9. The Monk who escaped unscathed from the fight finishes off the goblins, near TPK on goblin fight.

Th party prepares to go deeper into the building............