Monday, June 6, 2016

My First D&D Game

I had bought a couple of Dragon magazines and read a fair bit about D&D. I was 17 and had found a club that played wargames in a neighboring town.

We had been playing WW2 Minis but tonight was D&D There were like 4 married couples and 4 bachlors.
I was told to rpll up 3 charactres so I made a mini party Beowolf My morman cleric and his two wives, Bertha Battle Axe and a Thief. (I was later told that it was VERY weird that I had rolled up female characters, even the woman at the table played men!). The high lite of the adventure was a troll chasing a paladin w/ a holy sword and Bertha chasing after the troll around a huge column. Bertha got like twice as much experiance as any other of 20+pcs and eventually became my first second L char. I thought D&D was OK but I would have rather played WW2