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So THIS is actually post 200! Sigh. So I guess in addtion to being a luddite my math skills are very challenged. Just pretend the last one was 200. PLEASE! LOL, I can't believe I screwed this up ,LOL

POST 200 !!!!!! Bat Cave 2 (megadungeon)

You should read Batcave one and The Better recap of Sundered worlds first

Ok I don't plan on the main Dungeon part of 8-10+ year plan for Sundered Worlds/Stolen World campaign until the end. But through time travel the players will visit briefly once in a while. As of this writing there are 5 or poss 6 different main sections each of which will use a different rule set and different character sheets except for option area 6 all of the side areas are actually in pocket dimensions attached to the Bat Cave

The whole point of it  to stop the destruction of the universe in the Dungeon.

Phase 1 of the Campaign is set in the Sundered Worlds, as the universe collapses our hero's search for the dungeon and what does the Chinese Parade Dragon artifact have to do with it. This is using Pathfinder rules ,5th L Huge stone monoliths will be placed in the Stolen Wold , anchoring and  stabilizing the fragments of the remains of the universe.

Phase 2 a is their stranding in The Stolen World and the ongoing hunt for the dungeon. From this point on the main rule set I will be using is Crypts and Things( sometime around 4 - 6/17 is start)

Phase 3 is the exploration of the dungeon and the gradual revealing of the main villains and true motivations of various NPCs


Main Center Section

The original construction is goblin and the the Kuthrii Empire's lifeboat against the end, this is by far the biggest section of the dungeon. PC's will be using Crypts and Things rules
as of this writing I am going to modify The published(not by me) Stone Hell dungeon series as a time saver. It will have to be HEAVILY modified. Surrounding the main area are 4 smaller sections that each will use a diff rule set

Area 1 Sphinx
This is a parody of a true 1974 old school dungeon,egyptian themed, the pc's have already spent 8 games exploring the future. The rules are heavily modified Swords and Wizardrys, they started at first and are now second

Area 2 The Baron
this section is the home to a classic Dracula. The rules will will be using will be custom D&D with character classes such as farmer, maiden or prince, the pc's will be given character overlays of their true(IE Pathfinder) selves,they will be inhabiting the bodies of other peeps and their personalities will blurr, they will always be first L, eventually they will learn how to trade bodies. . This is the next area to be previewed in a flash forward and it will happen soon. slight poss will use 25 point GURPS char's. This area will contain a  twon and teh Baron's Castle, poss this will be the very very end as they will have to face The Baron w 1st l chars

Area 3 The Tsan Chen
These are extremely powerful sorcerers who have fled here from their extinct time ling(they are breifly mentioned in HPLs writings) They have contol  of a gug(also HPL giant) city that is also here, rules will be pathfinder w original char sheets

Area 4 The Witch
done the least work on this, rules will be D&D 1e with my original skill sheet that I just found(It is more like feats) from 1981.

Optional area 6 the Dragon
This is detailed in the "Diff way to Dungeon Crawl" post, really trying to push myself to this but right now it's a maybe, either Pathfinder or more likely C&T would be used

With post 200 right around the corner.........

I really don't know why I'm so excited about reaching 200. 100 was a big deal w hits and I just sort of threw it away. 200 seems so much cooler! been working on it as a draft for a few days now.(I'm about 1/3 done on it) Hidden spoiler on blog(somewhere) says what it will be about. I know at least 3 of you have found it.
(Hell, 3 might be all there is for all I know!) Here's to 500!

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Long Term Review Log

This is going to be my ongoing mini reviews of things not worthy of a full review, mostly because they are more popular and well known, but that will not always be the case . Also to cut down on my individual posts. Comics, Movies and books mostly.Some musings A dif version of my "Safety Valve."

Book Review Vironiconium

Going to do a second review of this when I find the DAMN book and can spell title correctly and remember the authors name! I did something with this book that I  only do on rare occasion, I stopped reading 90% throu it because I only can read it once. Now I can't find book!

It is a dying earth genre w/ some short stories and 2 novelas mostly concerning the last city on earth. One of the novellas is about the strangest alien invasion story ever. PAUSE WHILE I CONSIDER SPOILER?.? Ok no I'm gonna stick w/ strangest as whole description. Some action but over all more "Fantasy disguised as Sci Fi high adventure." Can be a diff read at times but very intriguing. One of the short stories won a major sci fi award. will eventually break down and wiki correct title(will add comment) . Oh and WORST wiki review I ever read, totally FAILS to capture what book is about.Would make great material for gaming.

Comic Review: Astro City

Ok this book is an offbeat look at the world of superheros. It's not trippy like Doom Patrol but it's def a truely dif take on our leotard wearing friends, The story's are set in a very costumed super world. The action takes a big back seat to stories about the human condition in that sort of world. The book is anthology-like with short story arcs often with a normal(or nearly normal) star. I really liked the arc about an alien invasion where the "human" were the "bad" guys. The ending was predictable but nice. Def for your offbeat kind of reader.

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A couple of links to things Im proud of(horror,modern supers)

2 links to 30 pocket Dimensions and 30 Lost worlds in comments below

Pre post 200 State of the blog

I'm really going to look at views on various posts and try and figure out what you peeps like.Remember "The safety valve" is going to be used so I don't over post. Going to try and keep it to 3-4 posts a day MAX, but who are we kidding(myself certainly!)? I got a lot of hits while I was gone, which is heartening. The reviews seem to be doing well so more of those. The Sundered World seems to be popular so Im gonna TRY and do better write up of my games in action. Sadly the spells are not popular so don't expect many of those.One of my big creative thoughts is pulling the trigger on "A dif way to Dungeon Crawl" really really love concept, really really really hate the idea of all that work. And of course LOTS of Crypts and Things, only DAYS till its out!!!!!!!!

My take on fantasy Switzerland over on Presposia(link)

link in comments

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200th post is very soon!!! How do WE make it special?

That is all

Link to my published fantasy fiction and poetry.

So I'm FINALLY getting around to posting a link to my fiction work, I an VERY VERY proud of the last story in this ebup. Link in comments.

Crypts and Things: The problem!

Ok, my finances took a nice up turn, I brokered a deal for $14,500 in Magic cards and came away with a NICE commission! So I have plenty of money for C&T now!!!!!!!! Now comes the decision. PDF or Print< or MAYBE BOTH! I could almost def get my wife to go along w both but I don't wanna play that card. I would rather have the print but I can buy PDF directly from D101 and they get all the money AND I get INSTANT satisfaction? I think the lure of PDF is too STRONG.

Cool monster link

link is to very comprehensive overview is Spellweavers, very alien sorcerers  working link in comments

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My "cleric" for Crypts and Things

Secret Priest of Hope

The god Hope is the sole remaining truly good god of C&T He is an ascended artifact/holy sword and appears as a gold glowing great sword. He has survived because his ultimate power was true, unending and absolute invincibility and immortality.This is the result of his being a real manifestation of the concept of hope, a spark of good that can never be extinguished. He has lost the vast majority of his power and only a tiny few of his servants survived with him(a very few avatars of holy great swords)

The Others are at this time  are only suspicious that Hope exists, it's just a question of time. It is your ULTIMATE goal that knowledge of Hope be kept from general knowledge.

He uses his meager power to give life to a very few covert clerics, holding on to the possibility of good triumphing ultimately, prob a doomed philosophy. Although LG , he has become a stark realist in his methods.(He has acquired Neutral tenancies).With the weakness of hope in the world, he is far far more limited in his abilities but not his goals.
Priests of Hope have the following abilities and restictions

In all ways they are sorcerers except as follows.

Their patron is automatically Hope and they may have no other.

They do not have spellbooks but do have all the limitations of number of spells known
They may learn spells from spellbooks in any way a sorcerer could

They have use of both great sword and long sword but as the great sword is a dead give away of who they are Hope suggests that they have their companions carry these and only use them in the direst of emergency
Like wise they may wear chain but it does nothing to further their disguise and is strongly advised against.

All of their white spells are actually grey.
They MUST know exactly ONE black spell and only one.There are no restrictions as to what it may be and it MUST be changed(IE Known) once a month. They may not use this spell if they are carrying a great sword or wearing chain mail. Public use of this spell is strongly advised.

The priests are FORBIDDEN from associating with one another, there thus may only be one in a party. Any gathering of priests can only be undertaken at the direct order of Hope.
At NO time may they preach the faith except under direct orders of Hope.

They suffer a -1 on Luck tests vrs magic and successful saves result in the loss of 2 luck points

The following new spells are automatically known to priests

Superior Magic Weapon(all spell levels)
summons spell L +1 magic great sword, this spell is never memorized and can be substituted for an appropriate level spell 3/ a week.

L2 white(registers as grey)
This spell can freely be cast in your sleep it allows the sending of a 25 word message to Hope or to any one who you have cast Receive Dreamsend on. Receive Dreamsend is a varient of this spell and the spell must be memorized separately

DM RANT (lucky) 13: OSR Cleric(if you rake away ONE thing from me,let it be this!)

Allow Spontaneous casting of cure spells by clerics! This means a cleric can substitute a cure spell for an appropriate spell. You can always set a limit on number of times per day they can do this. Makes clerics more than cure machines! I used to laugh at the spell lists of NPC clerics in old school products and magazines. 7th L clerics w/ only 2 CLW, laughable!

DM Rant 12ish Some thoughts on specific spells concerning OSR

I HATE Sleep and Color Spray, far, far too powerful BUT if your going to ignore Rant 11 ,they HAVE to stay, if your only going to get one spell it might as well be a doozy!

The more modern "Magic Weapon" is VERY suitable to OSR play(makes weop +1/+1 magic for a moderate amount of time) should be available to MUs and Clerics both

adding DOOM to clerics list will not kill you either(save for -2 to hit and saves, short duration)

DM Rant 11(?) a message for OSR DMs

For goodness sake help out low level casters! One or Zero spells is NO WAY to PLAY!!!!!! Lots of great ideas are available. I know all about "wizards dominate at high level and they must PAY!"

C'mon! Would 4 LOUSY cantrips kill you? Bonus spells for high Int? Some sort of "ZAP" mechanic that functions basically as a short bow!

You can EASILY rule that any sort of bonus goes away at say 5th!

HAVE A HEART!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comon high power weopan Pathfinder plus any D7D

a work in progress

Great Sword 2d6+2 damage
Longsword crits on 18+
Dagger +3 to hit
Mace +4 damage on a miss
Shield D8 bash
available in these

Majestic Blue

Intelegant with + 5 tactics and all the spells of a first L wizard
+1 to hit.
+d6 Fire damage
+D6 acid damage
2D6 holy damage

cure 3d 6 in a 30 ft, friends only 2x day
4d4+4 Magic missles 5x day
Teleport 20 feet as a move action 3x day

Musings of a Christian gamer

Like I think most people I vary on how much my faith impacts my life. I am bi-polar and this impacts my faith hugely. Always a CORE belief in the divinity of Jesus colors my perspectives and actions This has had a huge impact in my gaming life.

I came to my love of HPL from that belief. It was a source of supernatural evil that had absolutely no basis in my real world beliefs. You see I'm very very squeamish at the thought of using demons and devils in my games . While I can't say I don't use them , it might happen only once or twice  every couple of years. My whole Mysantia game was centered compleatly on HPL and Mythos evil. It made me very happy.

Crypts and Things would NEVER have sold me if they hadn't called the "demons", Others and while the magic system relies heavily on black magic, it once again does not have real world implications. I did really pause before embracing it.

In my youth, I had run into gamer's that embraced the dark side of life. I quikly ended my association with these peeps. I still actively shun them and am careful about my interactions w/ such and never continue to associate w such.

It is a very narrow view I know but I must be true to my core principles.

In my old age I have gotten much softer in my views on non Christians. At this point I am way more American then Christian. I never had a prob w athiests(except for the fanatic ones)
Last Time I bring this up.

Crypts and Things is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO close now!

Really, Really EXCITED!!!!!1 If The idea of an OSR game 50% Conan/50% HPL and all British old school of a very dark fantasy variety appeals to you, this is the game for you. DETAILED review is forthcoming.
One thing you need to wrap your head around is NO clerics(but they easily can be added)

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Monster: Wormoid

Wormoids are vaguely  humanoid with a round , tubular head head that is filled w fangs, their fingers are fused together with a distinct thumb. They are of Farrealms ish origins. 2-3 ish hit die, chain ish AC. Their right arms are capable of transforming into up to 3 dif types of weapons. Individual bands of Wormoids will all have the same assortment of weapons. Common foot soldiers of evil types.

Newt accepted my apology!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOW it's over!!!! I FEEL GREAT!!!!!! ABSOLUTE END OF THIS!!!!!!!!


I'm a VERY impatient fellow. Given the choice between not getting banned at Gaming Tavern and D101 accepting my apology, I guess I'd pick the latter. Ok no more about this! I'll try and come up with something interesting for today!

still.....waiting for shoe to drop..........

So now apology thread is locked at Gaming Tavern

So when they locked my houserules thread, I posted an apology thread, somebody locked that too. I REALLY hope I don't get banned there, oh well if I do, when it comes right down to it , Im the one thats wrong.

So I'm part of BIG dust up over at Gaming Tavern(yet another apology to D101 Games)

the whole story:
i was running a Conan type RPG on Dragons Foot, Somebody(I forget who, I deleted PMs) sent me an illegal copy of the beta of Crypts and Things. I looked at it and instantly fell in love.
I went to the D101 Google site, admitted my wrong doings and offered compensation.
Not really surprisingly my attempts at coming clean, were rebuffed by the owner
I started posting a bunch of really cool stuf on C&T at the Gaming Tavern.
I realized that he was following my posts and knew it was just a question of time before he connected me to it.
I sent an extremely poorly worded PM to Newt and it only served to anger him more.
As he rightly pointed out, a second reading of my PM revealed that he saw it as "passive aggressive" I have to agree w him. He also correctly pointed out that I never actually said "I'm sorry", I have since done so and made several attempts at apologies on Gaming Tavern

Somebody locked the thread of my house rules for C&T, prob in an attempt to stop our "fight"

I an issuing yet another apology to Newt Neuport and D101 Games, I doubt very much it will be accepted

In hindsight although my heart was in the right spot, I chose very poor words in trying to make amends.

The one truly unfortunate part of this is without that illegal beta, I NEVER would have come in contact w C&T, I don't read game reviews and would be blissfully unaware of it's existence.


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Book Review: Songs of the Dying Earth

This is a fantastic and HUGE collection of short stories celebrating(and imitating) the Dying Earth series by Jack Vance(poss known to gamer's as the source of the memorization spell system of D&D) The variess big name authors of the stories do a fantastic job of imitating Vance's very unusual style. Except of course for Neil Giaman's close to the book which very arrogantly makes no attempt at channeling Vance. If you love Vance ,this is a must have. NOTE: Vance's style is a VERY peculiar take on wizarding and I would recommend getting a sample before you buy.

Gaming Review: Petty Gods

I haven't had a chance to go through this yet but it's AMAZING Very minor Gods(50hp) to demi gods, great art, huge book FREE, THAT"S RIGHT FREE link in comments

(Look my cat died yesterday and the family is real broken up about it, so if I spend a lot of time , making many posts here , forgive me)

A BETTER recap of the Sundered Worlds Campaign

The players were escorting a planewalker to an ancient abbey to undertake some sort of epic spell. As the ritual took place the abby came under attack bu a spellweaver , rakshasas and cosmic barbarians. A massacre ensued and the players grabbed a mysterious artifact(looks like Chinese parade dragon for 4 dancers.

They escaped into the supernatural winter and just as they arrived at civilization collapsed in fatigue.

They found themselves transplanted to another dimension(going from 5th L Pathfinder chars to 1st L OD&D chars). Finding themselves in the Bat Cave some years in the future. The dungeon was decorated with mosaic of the pc's throughout, Eventually they encountered a Sphinx that was too smart to talk to. Quik thinking lead to getting him to write things down. He revealed that the universe is collapsing due to the destruction of the abbey. and that a point in the future they would have to return to the dungeon and save the universe by merely switching 5 leavers in the dungeon, they were also told that dif sections of the Bat Cave had dif planer realities(IE they would be playing multiple rules sets w. new char sheets as they moved through it,)
AS the universe is collapsing and the Confederacy(good and the Alliance are in turmoil fighting each other and in a hopeless battle to stabilize the dimensions.In a frontal assault on the Spellweavers both the Confedarcy and Alliance have taken tremendous losses in troops ,planeswalkers and Gods.The leadership of the Confederacy is dead scattered and just plane missing. Refugees are flooding the most stable of the Confederacy's dimensions but the planeswalking walls both side erected have collapsed and every plane is on the front line of the war. A mystererious and powerful planes walker has asumed control of the Alliance and knows the PCs their destiny, to save everything , although he is seemingly putting them off in compleating that destiny for unknown reasonsThe PCs helped stop an invasion of a fortress dimension ,that now is acting as HQ, they are in the middle of rescuing POWs from the Vampires , who seem to have taken over control of the Alliance from The Spellweavers.

Some really cool, cheap, Magic cards

So I discovered that not all the elves in Magic are green, there are some extraordinary cool black ones that mesh super well together, none are very expensive , most are under 50 cents. made a very cool deck of them

They mesh together by discarding them and using them in the graveyard

Nasty in casual play

Movie Review: Planet of the Vampires

This time were mixing a little Sci Fi w our B horror . American actor Barry Sullivan stars in this Italian import. One of a pair of exploration star ships goes missing and Sullivan explores the mysterious planet looking for answers. Very very good costuming, decent fx, and a cool story featuring NO vampires. Sets are cool straight out of the 60s. They really did an awful lot w no money on this. This is poss of huge influence on Alien, or a very strange coincidence.

Movie Review: Curse of The Demon(GASP! ,it's not a "B"!!!)

Dana Andrews plays an unbelieving parapsychologist investigating the mysterious death of a colleague in England , poss at the hands of a powerful cult leader. This B/W classic  was re-shot by the studio to actually show the demon. The director wanted it to be in doubt as to whether or not it was real. Really needs a directors cut. This one is the total package in horror.

Movie Review: Equinox

Very, Very Low budget B with surprisingly good stop motion effects(effects director works for Lucas now and has won Oscars). Student film purchased and redone a little by distributor. It's about 4 students trapped in the woods vrs demonic forces. Really excellent B. Look for one of the stars of WKRP in Cincinnati.

Movie Review: The Raven

My fav of The 60s AIP "Poe" movies.Vincent Price, Peter Laurie, Boris Karloff and I believe in his movie debut Jack Nickleson. As to the "Poe" aspect to it, well it DOES have a raven in it. This is truly a guilty pleasure for me, ok I know it's crap but it's fun crap.Price, Laurie and Karloff are all wizards and the story is about The conflict for wizardly domination. It ends with a laughably low budget dual between Price and Karloff,pure wonderful low budget cheese! This one is def for the B movie buffs, a must for any who call themselves thus. Just so bad in a B good way!

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Book Review: The Throne of Bone

by Brian McNaughton
It is a collection of short stories delving into a dark fantasy world. The Bulk of the book is made up of a collection of connected stories delving deep into a very unique kind of ghoul. The setting is a low magic medieval world w a hint of Victorian era. Magic consists almost entirely of the Necromatic variety. The nature of the ghouls is fascinating. The balance of the stories are a mix of other stories set in the same world. If you like your fantasy mixed w/ horror , this is the book for you. I've seen this advertised as the best book you've never hear of. Do yourself a favor and skip the first story,it's not all great!

WARNING:book contains XXX disturbng and horrific sexual elements!

I'm having a really BAD day so......

This is not the place I talk about my life. So I'm going to keep myself busy writing blog entries. Forgive me if I flood your inbox w/ notices of my posts. I need to keep busy.

Comic Review: Astro City

Dumb name , right? It is a very unique take on super heroics. The battles and fights are very much secondary to the themes that run through the books. It's a little hard to explain. It's like a view of the human condition in a world where peeps can fly. Strongly advise on starting w issue "1/2", it tells the story of a very ordinary man caught up in extraordinary and unfortunate circumstances . If your looking for JLA ,your in the wrong place, super heroics take a back seat to warm and heartbreaking stories.

Monster: Arcane Scarecrow(all D&D)

These are created by<fill in you local evil cabal of wizards> for $. they are surprisingly easy to create by using the blackest of souls. they come in several varieties

Wizard-offensive magic caster
Warlord- front line Sgt.
Arcane adviser-mystical advice for your would be world conqueror
Hexer- magic debuffer

highly intelligent low ac and vulnerable to fire

They make great plot hook. They are widly spread and common amunst evil forces. Who is making them? Can you cut off the materials needed to make them

Movie Review: The Dunwitch Horror

One of the greatest B movies ever and prob the best HPL movie ever made. It's an old AIP classic(the peeps that brought you the "Poe" movies) While not faithful to the short story, it truely captures the feel of Lovecraft. Can't tell you how many times I've watched it. Perfect depiction of a lovecraftian sorcerer. Opening credits are also very cool. I'm biased but most peeps will prob find it a little slow. Holds up well in the new century. Required watching for HPL fans. R rated for nudity(of which there is a more than a bit)
(I'm very burnt out after epic finish on C&T house rules so might be posting more reviews as I rest my creative side)

Comic Review: Doctor Strange

OK I only read the first 6 issues(I have the rest but my interest in comics comes and goes). But the first 6 are some mighty fine comics! They take Strange into new terriroty adding to the mythos but not taking anything away from the chars' history. It has a lot of great ideas for running an epic level wizard for gaming. I'm not into spoilers but there is a particular addition to Wong(his manservant) that was chilling. Really can't recemend this enuf. For the first time in my 56 years, I actually sent fan mail to the book. To be honest I was a little let down by the end fight but the rest of it was pure gold. Oh and I forgot to mention, brand new, ultra cool bad guys. Run and get the Trade!

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Crypts and Things House rules are DONE!!!!!!!!!

Follow link in comments below!

Comic Review: Doom Patrol 1

Ok I doubt very many of you are familier with the late 80s Doom Patrol run by Grant Morrison. It was the closest you can come to doing blotter acid and staying legal. I just read the the first issue of the new series and it seems that Morrison is sharing his stash. If you like trippy things , its new on the shelf at your FLCS.

OK got the link to work... sort of

If you clik on my G+ profile I posted the link to my C&T rules there, it should work

Crypts and Things Houserules

Remastered is very close to here!!! heres a link to my houserules

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Rude Surprise

I had the pleasure of playing a google game on hangouts. I only played 1 game of 1e,played a 6th L MU.

Wow do low level MUs suck in early D&D!!!!!
I spent almost 20 years making peep run L 1-5th wiz's!!! No wonder no one wanted to play MUs!!!!


I can't follow my own advice

So in one of my rants I complained about the huge number of OSR rules and advised, Don't write rules, write great adventures. As I said earlier I was switching to Crypts and THings, I'm still doing that but as much as I want to use the RAW, I tinker. And I tinker. And I tinker. I've got allmost as many houserules as the core of the book. Now I'm working on 4 new character classes and adding fighter kits.

What is it with we DMs?

Why do we Houserule switch systems and spend way too much time on such. Our time could def be better spent on world building, new monster, new spells etc. Really even new spells is a waste.
Yet we tinker and tinker, almost kike it's compleatly imbeded in DMing.

I can't follow my own advice!!!!!!!!!

DM Blunders

I've spent too much time awau from Sundered Worlds/Stolen World. It's lost it's luster They are suposed to be the big replacement for Mysantia. Too much of what I had conceved I did'nt write down. New ideas are forming that make much of what I had in mind in question. I'm going to go back and try and get the spark back of what I was trying to achieve.

Playing Magic sensably

So MTG has sucked me in ...again. I can't tell you how many timed I've gotten in and out. This time I got sucked on by buying a few cards to use as illusstaion of D&D things,places buildings, monsters. I touched the catds so the crack on them stuck to my fingers and thus a 2 months sabbatical from other games.

My group plays just w/ my decks and over the last 3 years Ive acumulated hundreds of commons and uncommons to play with. My currant obsession is giants, it used to be angels. The power creep on the cards is very evidennt when you spend long periods of time away from the game. Literally thousands of older cards are unplayable due to this power creep.

Getting tired of it and back to RPing next week

Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Monster: Facehugger(goblin)

Ok the basic I dea is a very smal (24") goblin that launches itself at your head and bites and grabbles. a very strong creature that inhibits you from using your weopons on them, often you hurt yourself in the process. starting at like 2 HD and 16 st and going up to about 5 HD
(another monster based on an MTG card)

The Undiscovered Country

This blog is changing and I am coming back to it full time. I'm going to be delving into whatever topic strikes my fancy but I hope it will be continue to be PRIMARILY gaming, but my journey is no doubt going to delve into my personal struggles and my views on national and world events. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Being a square peg and having a short attention span........

I am such a square peg. I am so ultra niche-y in evry aspect of my life. The Christian wargamer. The libertarian Republican. I prob belong here, in my own private world where I can write and embrace my square ism. I lose interest in various projects at various websites and try to get them to conform to my vision, my narrow square vision. As of now this is no longer exclusovly a gaming blog. I think Im back.

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Abandoned.....for now

Something new and shiney always attracts me. Maybe I will return........