Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sundered World Recap 2

Our hero's penetrate deeper into the mysterious stadium sized building, rumored to hold Confederacy POWS.....

They continue down a long hall and see dark shapes w a bright light that seems to be coming from the far end of the building. The inhuman screams and smells they are hearing seem like horses being tortured. They encounter a being laying on the floor with a distended gut they realize it is a vampire filled w blood like a tick ready to pop, they prob it and sure enough the vampire pops.

Deeper they go, they see that the building is filled with negative mass shapes of unicorns and that is where the screams are coming from, as the unicorns are connected by black energy coming from copper pipes. The party attempts to disconnect one of the unicorns and it explodes screaming.

They battle a strange undead that had a skull floating around it as it waved multiple black tongues from where its face should be. Red written words issue from the skull that protect it from damage and give damaging feedback when struck, finally it is overcome

an encounter w/ 4 vampires follows and after a tough fight they continue toward the strange light.........