Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Crypts and Things review part 2- The setting in the rule book

Review part 2 A brief look at the setting provided by rule book

When I had the Beta version only to go by I was unimpressed, felt skimpy and lacking depth, but on closer inspection, the setting is a perfect representation of EXACTLY fitting the rules.

It is extremely distopian as you would expect from a game with out clerics, paladins and alignment(where all PCs get "back stab") Very little in way of bits of DECENT civilization exists.The characters can easily be anywhere on what would be the alignment scale, defending the last bits of hope or summoning the foul denizens of darker dimensions. as you know I'm not much of a guy for spoilers but I came away very satisfied that the Continent of Terror will be able to hold my and my players atentionts for the remaining years I have of gaming life. I run epic battles against Darkness and my over arching 10 year gaming plan will need a little adjustment but that will be far easier than writing up a whole new world. Actually you only need to add the continent to your existing world and the PCs will HAVE to come from it.

THE BAD The setting information is split into 3 different sections, 2 for the players and one for the Keeper. Extreme spoilers are in the Keepers section, you would have to rely on the players to NOT look at Keeper info. The information being spread into 3 diff places will make it a little hard to reference. The Keeper section is FILLED to the BRIM with GREAT adventure hooks and encounters, it has been designed as a sand box and will fill that role very well, it gives me plenty of room to ADD my own overarching EPIC plot.

For Over all usefulness and creativity , I give it an A-( I would have like to see a TINY bit more on "good" places, easy enough to add), but for organization the setting info gets a "D", It's going to be a little cumbersome in actual play

(there may or may not be a part 3, review of the contained adventures, which take up a lot of page count. I am NOT a fan of moduels, just a personal preference)