Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sundered Worlds play recap 1

The PCs go deeper into the swamp dimension looking for the rumored POWs.

They encounter an animal/vegetable/mineral giant , that the Stone bender hammers w/ stone shaping spells

They arrive at a huge stone building and encounter an ancient vampire killing 4 spellweavers outside it,the vampire turns on them and the fighter is very nearly killed. Circling the building they find the trapped door
The Stine mage disenchants the traps and 3 more vampires emerge, the stone mage then erects a barrier, giving the party a few moments to prep for fight. Que fight music.

Entering the chamber ,they hear muffled screams(non human) through the door. a very tuff right w a powerful goblin swarm ensues. The ranger nearly dies from a critical miss w an explosive crossbow bolt but the Mage does a quick save ,leaving the ranger at-9. The Monk who escaped unscathed from the fight finishes off the goblins, near TPK on goblin fight.

Th party prepares to go deeper into the building............