Tuesday, April 26, 2016

3 healing spells for Mages

Gem Healing
L2 Conjuration Good descriptor
Heals d6 +L HP(max D6 +7)
material component 100 GP gem that is consumed by casting(double this if a 500 gp gem is used)

Flying Bandages
L1 Conjugation Holy descriptor
creates healing bandages that fly and wrap at a range of 20' Heals as Cure Light. Target loses 2d3 DX and suffers -1/-1 ro melee attacks for 1 hour, if bandages are removed before the hour is up, healing is lost
Caster must be pious worshiper of good or neutral deity

Hitram Dringles Highly  Restricted Yet  Mostly Useful Healing Spell
This may be memorized as a cantrip, L1 , L 2  or L3 spell, granting 1,4 , 6  or 10 rolls respectively)
Roll indicated number or D6 , each one that comes up 6, a single point is cured