Friday, April 22, 2016

New Spell Type "Perm B" and some examples

Perm B spells are memorized and then function continuously until you empty the slot and memorize a new spell. These spells get "stuck" in the slots if memorized for long periods of time( 1 month or more) requiring clerical help to extract from brain. (NOTE again these spells are for 7th L and under play and I do not allow multi classing)

L1 Pusilance you are +1 to hit in melee (there is a second L version you may memorize that also adds +1)

L1 Hog skin +1 Natural armor untyped)

L2 Rhino Skin you get 2 damage reduction that does not stack w/ any other damage resistance

L3 Mazarinan's Spell of Over All Excellence  +1 to all your physical stats, +1 to Fort saving throws and +1 movement( these bonuses are untyped and stackable w/ any other buffs) May only be memorized once a day