Monday, April 25, 2016

Old school musings Barbarian Class from White Dwarf 16? 8? Hell I don't remember

Ok I can't really call this a review but I remember a great deal of it from letting players play this for 20+ years(about 15 or so years ago) Originally published to go with OD&D, then updated for Greyhawk in a later issue.(some of my modifications are no doubt in here(such as RAW stated you must win initiative to gain First Attack Ferocity)
Here's what a First L one looked like
no armor allowed but +1 to AC(shield OK but come on >2handed sword!)
First Attack Ferocity Double damage at +2 to hit First strike in combat(none of this rage crap!)
80% Climb
20% catch missiles
25% move silently
40% Sign language(able to crudely communicate w intelligent creatures)
25% Sense Danger (30" range, immediate danger only, no idea of direction or type)

EP as Paladin

(Gygax later gifted us with the horrible UA class)