Sunday, September 25, 2016

Book Review Vironiconium

Going to do a second review of this when I find the DAMN book and can spell title correctly and remember the authors name! I did something with this book that I  only do on rare occasion, I stopped reading 90% throu it because I only can read it once. Now I can't find book!

It is a dying earth genre w/ some short stories and 2 novelas mostly concerning the last city on earth. One of the novellas is about the strangest alien invasion story ever. PAUSE WHILE I CONSIDER SPOILER?.? Ok no I'm gonna stick w/ strangest as whole description. Some action but over all more "Fantasy disguised as Sci Fi high adventure." Can be a diff read at times but very intriguing. One of the short stories won a major sci fi award. will eventually break down and wiki correct title(will add comment) . Oh and WORST wiki review I ever read, totally FAILS to capture what book is about.Would make great material for gaming.