Tuesday, September 20, 2016

So I'm part of BIG dust up over at Gaming Tavern(yet another apology to D101 Games)

the whole story:
i was running a Conan type RPG on Dragons Foot, Somebody(I forget who, I deleted PMs) sent me an illegal copy of the beta of Crypts and Things. I looked at it and instantly fell in love.
I went to the D101 Google site, admitted my wrong doings and offered compensation.
Not really surprisingly my attempts at coming clean, were rebuffed by the owner
I started posting a bunch of really cool stuf on C&T at the Gaming Tavern.
I realized that he was following my posts and knew it was just a question of time before he connected me to it.
I sent an extremely poorly worded PM to Newt and it only served to anger him more.
As he rightly pointed out, a second reading of my PM revealed that he saw it as "passive aggressive" I have to agree w him. He also correctly pointed out that I never actually said "I'm sorry", I have since done so and made several attempts at apologies on Gaming Tavern

Somebody locked the thread of my house rules for C&T, prob in an attempt to stop our "fight"

I an issuing yet another apology to Newt Neuport and D101 Games, I doubt very much it will be accepted

In hindsight although my heart was in the right spot, I chose very poor words in trying to make amends.

The one truly unfortunate part of this is without that illegal beta, I NEVER would have come in contact w C&T, I don't read game reviews and would be blissfully unaware of it's existence.