Monday, September 26, 2016

POST 200 !!!!!! Bat Cave 2 (megadungeon)

You should read Batcave one and The Better recap of Sundered worlds first

Ok I don't plan on the main Dungeon part of 8-10+ year plan for Sundered Worlds/Stolen World campaign until the end. But through time travel the players will visit briefly once in a while. As of this writing there are 5 or poss 6 different main sections each of which will use a different rule set and different character sheets except for option area 6 all of the side areas are actually in pocket dimensions attached to the Bat Cave

The whole point of it  to stop the destruction of the universe in the Dungeon.

Phase 1 of the Campaign is set in the Sundered Worlds, as the universe collapses our hero's search for the dungeon and what does the Chinese Parade Dragon artifact have to do with it. This is using Pathfinder rules ,5th L Huge stone monoliths will be placed in the Stolen Wold , anchoring and  stabilizing the fragments of the remains of the universe.

Phase 2 a is their stranding in The Stolen World and the ongoing hunt for the dungeon. From this point on the main rule set I will be using is Crypts and Things( sometime around 4 - 6/17 is start)

Phase 3 is the exploration of the dungeon and the gradual revealing of the main villains and true motivations of various NPCs


Main Center Section

The original construction is goblin and the the Kuthrii Empire's lifeboat against the end, this is by far the biggest section of the dungeon. PC's will be using Crypts and Things rules
as of this writing I am going to modify The published(not by me) Stone Hell dungeon series as a time saver. It will have to be HEAVILY modified. Surrounding the main area are 4 smaller sections that each will use a diff rule set

Area 1 Sphinx
This is a parody of a true 1974 old school dungeon,egyptian themed, the pc's have already spent 8 games exploring the future. The rules are heavily modified Swords and Wizardrys, they started at first and are now second

Area 2 The Baron
this section is the home to a classic Dracula. The rules will will be using will be custom D&D with character classes such as farmer, maiden or prince, the pc's will be given character overlays of their true(IE Pathfinder) selves,they will be inhabiting the bodies of other peeps and their personalities will blurr, they will always be first L, eventually they will learn how to trade bodies. . This is the next area to be previewed in a flash forward and it will happen soon. slight poss will use 25 point GURPS char's. This area will contain a  twon and teh Baron's Castle, poss this will be the very very end as they will have to face The Baron w 1st l chars

Area 3 The Tsan Chen
These are extremely powerful sorcerers who have fled here from their extinct time ling(they are breifly mentioned in HPLs writings) They have contol  of a gug(also HPL giant) city that is also here, rules will be pathfinder w original char sheets

Area 4 The Witch
done the least work on this, rules will be D&D 1e with my original skill sheet that I just found(It is more like feats) from 1981.

Optional area 6 the Dragon
This is detailed in the "Diff way to Dungeon Crawl" post, really trying to push myself to this but right now it's a maybe, either Pathfinder or more likely C&T would be used