Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pre post 200 State of the blog

I'm really going to look at views on various posts and try and figure out what you peeps like.Remember "The safety valve" is going to be used so I don't over post. Going to try and keep it to 3-4 posts a day MAX, but who are we kidding(myself certainly!)? I got a lot of hits while I was gone, which is heartening. The reviews seem to be doing well so more of those. The Sundered World seems to be popular so Im gonna TRY and do better write up of my games in action. Sadly the spells are not popular so don't expect many of those.One of my big creative thoughts is pulling the trigger on "A dif way to Dungeon Crawl" really really love concept, really really really hate the idea of all that work. And of course LOTS of Crypts and Things, only DAYS till its out!!!!!!!!