Friday, September 16, 2016

I can't follow my own advice

So in one of my rants I complained about the huge number of OSR rules and advised, Don't write rules, write great adventures. As I said earlier I was switching to Crypts and THings, I'm still doing that but as much as I want to use the RAW, I tinker. And I tinker. And I tinker. I've got allmost as many houserules as the core of the book. Now I'm working on 4 new character classes and adding fighter kits.

What is it with we DMs?

Why do we Houserule switch systems and spend way too much time on such. Our time could def be better spent on world building, new monster, new spells etc. Really even new spells is a waste.
Yet we tinker and tinker, almost kike it's compleatly imbeded in DMing.

I can't follow my own advice!!!!!!!!!