Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Musings of a Christian gamer

Like I think most people I vary on how much my faith impacts my life. I am bi-polar and this impacts my faith hugely. Always a CORE belief in the divinity of Jesus colors my perspectives and actions This has had a huge impact in my gaming life.

I came to my love of HPL from that belief. It was a source of supernatural evil that had absolutely no basis in my real world beliefs. You see I'm very very squeamish at the thought of using demons and devils in my games . While I can't say I don't use them , it might happen only once or twice  every couple of years. My whole Mysantia game was centered compleatly on HPL and Mythos evil. It made me very happy.

Crypts and Things would NEVER have sold me if they hadn't called the "demons", Others and while the magic system relies heavily on black magic, it once again does not have real world implications. I did really pause before embracing it.

In my youth, I had run into gamer's that embraced the dark side of life. I quikly ended my association with these peeps. I still actively shun them and am careful about my interactions w/ such and never continue to associate w such.

It is a very narrow view I know but I must be true to my core principles.

In my old age I have gotten much softer in my views on non Christians. At this point I am way more American then Christian. I never had a prob w athiests(except for the fanatic ones)
Last Time I bring this up.