Monday, May 9, 2016

A quik Overview of my Fantasy Worlds-Mysantia

Thought I'd do a quik overview of the three main "universes" this blog will involve

Mysantia-this is the game where I ran the 31 year long game till I got sick of it(Interestly the players didn't want it to end and my son is running his version of it) Several populated moons surrounded Mundania where a horrible necromantic cloud had destroyed 90% of the world , leaving an area about the size and shape of India uneffected. very low level play(3 and under 85% of the time) played in 2-4 year real life cycles. It was the end of time and the Lovecraftian gods were constantly near waking up. The game name comes from the city of Mysantia were most of the first 15 years or so real time were set. Located on the swamp moon of Dire and serviced by gates and portals to everywhere, this canalled city was in the middle of a lake and ruled by an evil hedonistic queen.

The game started in 1981 at a community college where I caused 4 or 5 people to fail out because we played all the time and I was the only one that went to class.