Monday, May 9, 2016

World Building Two : Petty Gods

I had always had this concept but when the guy over at Grognardia started a book about them I decided to do a setting with only very minor gods.

My setting caps at 7th for PCs but the gods are between 5th and 11th. an assumption of the very low level nature of the world leads to a few changes to how the gods operate

First each god only supports a very limited number of clerics or paladins, and PCs are in fact mostly fueling their power w/ faith and personal prowess. The one 11 th level god has about 20 above average of these types, she is by far the exception. Normally each petty god is limited to one cleric or paladin. This leads to near unlimited access to the gods

That being said each god is very limited in scope.Many are geographically fixed.(ie the god of a single great waterfall). So while your access is near limitless, the petty gods ability to help is limited. The petty gods host only a spark of divinity, more like what would be a angel in most settings
some ideas for petty gods

god of a truly epic, but ancient battle, senile from age
god of minor mischief, formerly a minor demon
god of swords made in only one region
god of a single mountain