Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sundered Worlds Sessions 1 and 2

Decided on posting game as it unfolds. As this is mostly for me, not planning on going into a great deal of detail

Session One
The Players (5th L Pathfinder)
Stone Elemental Focused Wiz Spec
Cleric of Hope(mixed healing/combat)

Multi dimensional epic war eons old war
Good guys The Confederacy, 50 or so main planes mostly good but more than a few Nuetral and a very few evil
Bad Guys 3 facrions Cthuluy barbarians, vampires and the leaders Spellweavers (6 armed chuluy spell casters)
The Game
Players are sent to horrible wintery plane that they are told is crucial to war, deep behind friendly lines, They are on bodyguard duty to 20th L planeswalker Mage. The are in an abbey that has very very powerful prayer abilities. A ritual is being conducted by planeswalker to contact an unnamed greater god, During their stay they find out about a mysterious artifact that the monks have owned for so long they know nothing about it. The ritual is attacked by huge contingant of One spellweaver , the cthuluy barbarians and Rakshasa archers, Planeswalker is instantly killed by 3 arrows of slaying, party has running fight out of ritual rooom and goes and gets artifact. It is a Chinese type dancing dragon suit.

Session TWO
The players
Stone elemental and cleric from first game plus
Ranger( repeating crossbow spec)
Dwarf barbarian

party travels 20 miles in horrible supernatural winter to get to civilization, Party battles snow sharks and a sort of winter anti- pheonix, session ends at friendly city with party's recorses exhausted.

NOTE: I am using a lot of material from ( a fantastic system free DM  site, sorry can't figure out how to do links)