Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fantastic Terrain (Ok it's one more thing 4th got right BUT THAT"S IT!)

Fantastic Terrain is where you add an element to your fights out of the ordinary (Cool fight locations is another post) examples (more can be found in 4th ed DMGs<they really should have devoted more space to this>)

area is filled with lily pads or mushrooms that you can bounce on

individual squares on the map intensify and make easier crits or crit misses.

tiny volcanoes

Steam vents

I had some very lazy and powerful spellweavers(an under love monster) have a bunch of very short range teleports and "moving sidewalks" on top of their ritual pyramid

patches of demonic spirits that hinder non-evil and aid evil

casting circles that aid arcane casting

unholy ground that hinders cleric(or the reverse)