Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Risky Move (Notes on Sundered Worlds Session 3)

Ok I haven't talked at all about my latest campaign. I'm a little reluctant to discuss my plans in an open area. I'm no doubt being FAR to paranoid that any of my players will find this blog.

So brief overview only. Players are part of an eons long multi dimensional war. They are 5th L pathfider and are sort of low level Special Forces. I've got roughly a 4-8 real year plan for this.Opening stage will be the dimension hopping war. Middle and end stage will be mixed, they will be stranded on one critical plane of the war and the end will be epic run through mega dungeon. Most of my prep time will be spent on planning dungeon, which was going to cause a huge problem for me. I'm often sidetracked by "new and shiney" ideas. If I am running begining of game and planning end , I will be totally drawn to end phase and skip my careful first 6 ish year plan. So I came up with a solution.

Since the mega dungeon as end game is a last min. tack on to whole idea, I decided to use my weakness as a strength.

Part of the dungeon , the players will be playing OSR D&D with dif character sheets, same characters just translated to dif rules , first L. The dungeon is based on  a Dreaming Dragon so the players will from time to time be located to end of game in dreams with real risks and consequences.

Next session (session 3) will be a foray into the dream future. To those of you following this blog, this smacks of the epic failure of my supers campaign. I am taking a BIG risk here, especially so early in the game.As I have often used the Dreamlands of Lovecraft , I'm on slightly safer ground,. Also I'm allowing them to decide how long they want to stay in the dream, if they want it will only be for a single session.

Wish Me Luck!