Friday, May 13, 2016

Flora: Magic WildFlowers

Found in wild magic places and areas where chaos is , these red and blue flowers carry a taint of the chaos they were born in.

When fresh plucked and held in your off hand(no shield)If they are put down or dropped they lose all their magic, they live for about a week then their magic fades. At any time during that week they can be planted and will sprout a new plant or two in about a month. it has random effects(roll on following table before every encounter<Ok I'm pretty lazy and only roll once a day>)

1) -1 to ac
2) -1 to hit
3) no effect
4) +1 to movement
5) +1 to hit
6) +1 to AC and to hit
7) +1 to hit and damage
8) +1 to hit,AC and Move, +2 to damage