Saturday, May 21, 2016

New OLD School Creature (mythos, OSR)

( I working on a mega dungeon, parts of which  will be very old school, parts of it will be modern.I've also been neglecting my OSR duties<I might not be a member but I have a very warm feeling for it>)

Angler Fishoid (abomination/Mythos)
3-5 HD
AC 12( about leather) Eye Stalks AC 20 (5HP each)
immune to charms sleep and mind effecting spells
The Fishoid has 3 eye stalks each of which appear from distance as men carrying torches.It also has metal "trophies" attached to it's body to make a metallic clanking sound. Each of these eye stalks does 1d3,d4 or d6 (based on HD) energy zaps at appropriate to hit. Entering melee with the creature requires a saving throw(should be low after adjustment player should need about a 10 to save) or you stand there fascinated by the light of the stalks. This save must be made every round and the effect only lasts for that round. To Spell or missile attack you need make a save that is about a needed 14 on the d20(From a distance the effect is stronger due to being effected by more of it's eye's.

(EDIT WOW this post is<relitivly speaking> Wildly unpopular with my core audience! abotr a 40% drop in immediate hits over previous post, which was on the very high side)