Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Bat Cave(megadungeon) Part 1: Overview and history


approx 30,000 years ago dungeon starts out as major cavern system that has been occupied by goblins.

27,000 years ago Caverns worked into Major goblin metropolis, the capital of huge empire.

25,000 years ago The 1000 year cycle of Apocalypse's of The Stolen World begins

23,000 years ago Kuthrii Empire takes over cavern and uses as lifeboat against the Apocalypses

20,000 years ago Kuthrii Empire is brought down by infighting, goblins make resurgence but never come anywhere near their height.

12,000 years ago Halani Empire expands lowest section of "lifeboat" but never lasts past the 1000 year cycle

6,000 years ago goblins only survive in dungeon and are shadow of former selves.

4,000 years ago Minor Evil god Sinister takes on his "Joker" persona to hide his true pathetic apearance, he is master of illusion, takes over Bat Cave(as he calls it) adding slowly to the OSR type dungeon (although he is only approx L11 in power, he is the most powerful diety by far of the very low level Stolen World

3000 years ago Bat Dragon calls Bat Cave, imediatly goes to sleep, The job of thadventurers is to wake him up

100 years ago Bat Cave is done and goes into stasis,

This week real time, Dreaming Bat Dragon, Brings adventures to him in dungeon part 1 Sphnix, The 5th Level Pathfinder players will be given new char sheets and awaken w 8 HP as max in party